We offer an online actively managed commercial property information database. Our website provides live data from the independent transactions database managed by qualified valuers and market analysts. It provides invaluable assistance in researching difficult Polish market. Subscriptions are sold on an annual basis.


COMPARABLES.PL is the most comprehensive commercial property database in Poland. Its dedicated analysts collate market information on a day to day basis employing first hand knowledge and research techniques, as well as information from press releases, company reports, property sale particulars, web sites and land registries. Each record is usually verified by at least two sources.

COMPARABLES.PL provides a record of over 1000 notable transactions since 1997. Details of each transaction are recorded under the following headings:

ADDRESS – by building name or number, street, town, region

SECTOR – property type,  retail, office, warehouse, hotel, development land or mixed

PARTIES - Vendor, Purchaser including full names, KRS number, contact details

SIZE – rentable area

TRANSACTION PRICE AND DATES – total, per square metre, quoted in  EUR, PLN, year, quarter

TYPE OF TRANSACTION – presale, conditional, signed, sale and leaseback, company shares, forward-purchase

YIELD – analysed or reported

PHOTOGRAPHS AND PLANS  – street level and aerial views, maps or floor plans

MORTGAGE – perpetual book number, mortgage expiry date, funding institution, PDF files of perpetual books

HISTORY & DESCRIPTION OF BUILDING – date of construction or refurbishment 

We collate the data from a wide range of sources including Property Press, National & Regional Press, Land registries, Agents’ information, Websites, Company Reports, Valuation Reports & our own research. Each record is hand selected by a qualified valuer and usually verified by at least 2 sources.

Since 1997 we have recorded details of over 1000 sales of high value commercial properties (as of December 2015).